Sunday, April 26, 2020

Support Letter Sample

1.The email should be sent to: 

2.Subject Suggestions (choose one):
Child Care and California's Recovery
California Needs Child Care to Recover
There is No Recovery Without Child Care

3.Begin your email message:

President Yee and Board of Supervisors,
My name is ________ and I live in San Francisco. (or work with San Francisco families and children.)

4. Continue your message telling a little bit about why you care about child care. It could be that you can't go back to work if there is no child care. It could be that as a child care provider, you want to continue to be able to care for children when parents go back to work outside of their homes, but it will be hard having little to no income in the meantime.

5. Choose any of these talking points to include in your email, and change them as you see fit:
Child care is important to San Francisco's economic recovery. Without it, San Franciscan's won't be able to go back to work or school.
Children deserve the chance to go back to the child care providers they know and love.
As parents re-enter the workforce, they will need help accessing the care they want and need. They should be able to find in when and where they need it.
Child care providers are struggling to survive. Without local, state and federal support, there will be no child care for families to come back to.
There is no hope of economic recovery without child care.
Please include significant, meaningful, flexible funding for child care in any economic recovery plans.

6. Close your email:
Thank you,
followed by your name

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