Thursday, February 20, 2020

Model Work Standards 模範工作標準


Model Work Standards

"Model work standards have been developed to complete the picture of a high-quality family child care program. When they are used in concert with other widely accepted quality indicators (i.e., early learning standards used in QRIS, NAFCC accreditation, and the BAS), we draw attention to the critical role the work environment plays. Family child care providers who are supported in their workplaces can more effectively engage with children, build relationships with families, and identify the practices and policies necessary to achieve high-quality services."

“模範工作標準,提倡以完善高質量家庭托兒計劃的畫面。當它們與其他廣泛接受的質量指標一起使用時(即QRIS,NAFCC認證和BAS中使用的早期學習標準) ,我們提出注意工作環境所起的關鍵作用。在工作場所得到支持的家庭托兒者可以更有效地與孩子互動,與家庭建立聯繫,並確定實現高質量服務所必需的做法和政策。”

中文翻譯 Google Translate

中文翻譯 - 教育工作者的工作環境是兒童的學習環境:應如何以及為什麼要改善它們

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